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Coastal House in Rockland

A long-time customer needed updates to their lovely seafront home. We repaired a sill, added a new deck, added a window, replicated Victorian era moulding to matching the trim with the new window to the old, and refreshed a room overlooking the new deck.

Sill Repair & a New Deck

Whenever you work on steps, doors, and attached decks, it’s worth looking a the sill of the house. If snow, ice, or water have been sitting against the sill for years, the sill may need to be repaired or replaced, especially in older homes that were built before modern weather-proofing materials. Here you can see our crew working on the sill before building a custom deck.

Victorian Replication Moulding

In adding a large new window to one side of the deck, we needed to match the new trim with the old windows. The Victorian trim was not readily available as an off-the-shelf purchase. Tom designed and created this particular piece.

Interior Work

Where we added the new window, the interior of the room needed to be updated as well. Here you can see the new wallpaper and trim in the room looking out over the new deck.