The Chore Store was founded in 1982 with a mission of providing handyman services of all kinds at affordable prices. Tom St. Germain joined the business as a lead carpenter in 1991. His experience with contracting work helped the original owner to grow the business to include a broad range of home improvement services. Tom purchased the business in 2001. While The Chore Store still takes care of small handyman services, we focus on mid range remodeling projects, such as kitchens, baths, tiling.

Service Area

The Chore Store is based in Waterville, Maine. We operate in approximately a 35-mile radius from Waterville. If you’re not quite sure whether you’re in our service area, give us a call.

Map of the Chore Store's service area.


Our Morale Officer

Lady Bonnella Wigglebottom

(of the Underfoot Wigglebottoms)

Lady Bonnella, Bonnie for short, is a favorite site on Chore Store job sites. She goes almost everywhere with Tom, weather and site appropriateness allowing.

Bonnie, Tom's tricolor sheltie.