Bathrooms Interior Remodels

Custom Shower Tiling with Niche

Here you can see an example of a custom tiling job. The process for this job included a niche in the tile for storage of toiletries.

Bathrooms Interior Remodels

New Countertop with Vessel Sinks

Vessels sinks are popular right now. In this minor bathroom update, we replaced a bathroom countertop and added new vessel sinks.

Additions Exterior Remodels

Lakefront Vacation Home – Phase 1

This addition is the first phase of a three-year project to update and expand a vacation home in Rome. A two-story addition was added to one side of the original structure. We love working for this client. Not only do they have the warmth and kindness to treat us like family, their properties also give […]

Interior Remodels

Thoughts on Eggshell

We’re doing a little internal renovation of our back office. The paint looked nice initially, but the bright morning light revealed something: these sheetrock walls are old. Just as the cobbler’s kids never have shoes, so the contractor’s walls always need work. We had to see the new paint on the walls to notice just […]

Chore Store History Garages

Barn Raising

Fifteen years ago or so, we jacked this barn up. We repaired sills that had been damaged over time and poured a foundation under it in situ. The customer we did this job for is still a client today. We love looking back over old project photos like this. It’s a great reminder of the […]

Additions Chore Store History Exterior Remodels

Adding On

Here are a few older projects highlighting some of the interesting additions we’ve done for folks over the years. Project #1 Here we preserved a second-story deck while increasing the space of this house by more than a third. The project also included the addition of a spacious back deck and a garage. Project #2 […]

Chore Store History Garages New Construction

Live & Park

This garage was built with useful living space above. If you’re thinking of putting in a garage, keep in mind that it’s cheaper to build it with useful space now than to renovate later. Space above a garage can be used as a guest house, a rec room for teens, a home gym, or any […]

Chore Store History New Construction

Room to Grow

This was one of our first new houses, built from scratch a couple of decades ago for a family that needed more space for their growing kids. Tom’s kids weren’t much older than the clients’, and some moments on the site were family affairs as the final details come together.

Chore Store History Exterior Remodels

Log Cabin Addition

In this project, we expanded the space in the second floor of a Cape-style log cabin. Changing the angle of the roof at the back added usable floor space and natural light. Not all contractors have experience working with log cabins: we do.

Chore Store History Interior Remodels

Kitchen Update

This particular kitchen started out not only dated in appearance, but small and dark. We opened up the room, adding a balcony to allow in more natural light from above while enlarging the space to increase the counter space.